Saturday, 12 March 2016

A doodle with Inktense and Sharpie

The product of a relaxed Saturday morning. I had a blank tag cut from watercolour paper just waiting for ink. I started by sketching my design in pencil and then coloured it using my Inktense blocks as watercolours. When it was dry I outlined the design, and added some extra doodles using a Sharpie (very fine tip).

I love the Inktense blocks. The colours are just so vivid but you can water them right down as well. I hoped to get several more projects finished but everything I made after this just didn't compare, and then I got hungry and saw it was way past lunch so thought I would tidy everything away and try again another day.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


  1. Love the bold bright colours and the inked lines really make it pop

    ❤️ & hugs
    Lisa xxxx

  2. You are very tallented to be able to sketch it out yourself and create such a lovely, bright, and cheerful image.


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