Saturday, 3 January 2015

Please support my son, thank you

Life changed dramatically when Steven was originally diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in January 2006.  He had intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy leaving him with many long term side effects.  Then, in December 2014, he developed a lump on his left cheek which has been diagnosed as Osteosarcoma.  It was a massive shock to us all that he had cancer for a second time.

He has just started on a new treatment plan which once again includes very intensive chemotherapy.  It is heartbreaking to know that Steven will spend much of his time in hospital over the next year or more.  Each cycle of chemotherapy is given with intra-venous fluids lasting over several days.

Following nine months of chemotherapy, he will have surgery to remove the tumour and face a further six months of recovery.

It is awkward asking for financial help but we would like to raise funds to help with the additional costs of spending time in hospital, such as, travel expenses, snacks and treats.

The chemotherapy makes Steven very tired and affects his immune system so travelling by taxi would be a better option for him than train or bus.  The treatment also affects his appetite and we need to encourage him to eat which means buying food in addition to the meals provided by the hospital.  Finally, it would be nice to provide the occasional treat to take Steven’s mind off his illness, whether that is a DVD, video game or a day out between cycles.

If you could help, please give whatever you can.  Each and every donation will be appreciated.

We are very grateful to the Teenage Cancer Trust and therefore any surplus money at the end of Steven’s treatment will be donated to them.

Thank you

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